Sigfox Use Cases

Explore some of the Iot Use Cases and opportunities that the Sigfox 0G Network enables.
Smart Sensors,Smart Cities,Smart Buildings


eLichens is a technology company dedicated to providing relevant and comprehensive information about air quality.

Bemis Retail Solutions

Bemis is a Retail Solutions manufacturer in the plastics industry. They bring a more sustainable, better shopping experience to retailers and their customers, while lowering total operating costs.
Utility & Energy


Laager is an IoT technology company dedicated to developing solutions for the remote management of water, gas, and energy consumption.
Supply Chain & Logistics


Sensolus is an Industrial IoT company to make nonpowered assets smart and to improve business processes by gathering IoT data and proving an end-to-end user experience.
Waste Management


KS Technologies is an engineering company with expertise in both hardware & software design. Their focus is primarily hardware, mobile, desktop, and cloud-based solutions.
Supply Chain & Logistics


Amosense is an IOT device maker focused on high quality design and advanced embedded feature-sets for the wearable and industrial asset tracking markets.
Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, Agriculture, Entertainment, Smart Buildings/Cities


Woodstream is a manufacturer of innovative solutions for pest and animal control.