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  1. Announcements regarding support (outages)
  2. Micro registration link
  3. Links to:
    • Datasheets
    • Public documents
    • Sigfox.com pinned locations (Build and others)
    • App notes (from others)
    • White papers (security)
    • You tube channel
    • Partners sites (link back and forth to boost SEO)
    • Articles/Weblogs
  4. “how to open a support ticket”
  5. How to get started with registering a device
  6. How to get started setting up your CAAS
  7. How to get started managing your devices using the APIs
  8. ABOUT US in Support – Who is Who at Sigfox US support
  9. IOT Meet up Events
  10. Semiconductor DevKts we recommend
  11. Secure login to NDA documents (Base station docs)
  12. How to access the SLACK channel
  13. Sigfox Ambassadors
  14. Hacking House
  15. Linked In
  16. Our friends across the globe (links to WND, Thinxtra, etc