SimplePack 4.0 Plus – The Best Device for Your loT Project


By Luke Vupputuri


The Internet of Things (loT) couldn’t exist without smart sensors. Smart sensors are key to developing IoT applications, as they help modernize and streamline analytics and connectivity. Today, smart factories, smart cities, smart buildings and connected individuals are using an array of smart sensors to collect real-time data for real-time insights and decision-making.

Sigfox Multi-Sensor Device

 SimplePack 4.0 Plus is a truly impressive and powerful IoT multipurpose device. It’s equipped with several sensors supporting 50+ different use cases from B2C to B2B across the logistics, security and insurance, facility management, retail, health and industry 4.0 sectors. It also boasts extensive battery life of up to 10 years/30,000 messages. All of this packed into one of the smallest and most versatile Sigfox enabled devices on the market.

SimplePack 4.0 Plus full device, developed by Simple Hardware, has a wide range of sensors including Button, LED Diode, Accelerometer, Wi-Fi sniffing, precise temperature, reed switch, magnetometer – compass, buzzer and light sensors. The device is perfect for testing out different sensors or a combination of sensors in your IoT projects. With Sigfox technology integrated, the device has a very high battery life of up to 10 years.

SimplePack 4.0 Plus Full can be remotely configured for different modes depending on the needs of a particular usage enabling tens of business cases. Possibilities of SimplePack utilization in combination with Sigfox Atlas and WiFi localization are endless.

Below are some of the use cases you can implement using this powerful Sigfox IoT device.

  • Cold Chain Management – Monitoring temperature changes with high precision in temperature critical environments (Watch the webinar recording and slides here)
  • Office Chair / Occupancy Monitoring – (More details here)
  • Order button (Repeated ordering of goods such as office supplies, food)
  • Elderly care – Emergency Panic button (Read the Blog post here)
  • Manhole cover monitoring (Watch a video of how it works!)
  • Sigfox Atlas Tracking with an accuracy of up to 1 mile
  • WiFi sniffing localization with a very high precision

With such a small form factor, durability, sleek design, excellent battery life, wide range of sensors, and the global Sigfox 0G network, the use cases are only limited by your imagination and business needs! For more information, contact your local Sigfox Sales Representative.