Sigfox USA partners with Rapal to provide the Optimaze Worksense Smart Office Solution

Optimaze Worksense

By Eddie Myersick


In our current world, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every age, occupation, and even our IoT environment. After about four months, businesses are reopening and people who could not do their jobs from home are returning to work. Universities are allowing students back on campus. Although things appear to be returning to the way they were pre-pandemic; there, is still an uneasiness by many on how to manage social interactions and provide a safe environment for employees and students to return to work and class.

Worksense by Optimaze is an ideal tool to help manage workspaces, meeting rooms, labs, and classrooms and to ensure compliance of COVID-19 policies, manage social distancing and help mitigate resurgence of the virus. With Worksense, desks, offices, meeting rooms, and labs can be scheduled or reserved in advance, saving time, costs, and making effective use of office space and rooms.

Employees often spend 10-15 minutes a day just looking for a meeting room or space and on average only 42% of meeting spaces are used in an average workday.  Not to mention the “no show” appointments.  With Worksense sensors in place you will know exactly when a room or space is available.

The WorkSense platform takes your office or campus floor plan and integrates the space with several sensors installed throughout the floor. It can monitor occupancy, temperature, humidity, or CO2 and potentially other solutions depending on use case. These sensors collect data via the Sigfox 0G Network and transfer that data through the Sigfox Cloud and then to the Worksense platform for data visualization. Optimaze can customize your data for use on premise, your laptop, or even via mobile device.

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