Regulations that can be addressed using the Sigfox IoT network

Is it working?

Fire Hydrants
Smoke Detectors

What’s the environment’s temperature?

Cold Chain
Food & Drug Storage
Governmental Housing

What is the chemical level?

Waste water

What is the pressure?

Oil flow
Water flow

How much has been consumed?


What is the status of my employees?

Environmental condition

Why IoT for Regulatory Compliance?

Maintain auditable trail

Maintaining proper records of the parts of your business that are under government regulation is essential to ensuring compliance and having the data to back it up. By having more of your regulated business connected, you are equipped with both an auditable trail and peace of mind.

Implement employee safeguards

Empower employees with IoT sensors connected on the Sigfox network with location trackers and panic buttons, giving them peace of mind that if their working conditions become dangerous, help is just a push of a button away.

Monitor environments

You need to know the condition of certain environments, whether it’s where perishables are stored or where a person lives or works. Sigfox enabled IoT sensors allows you to monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, and other conditions that impact the safety of these spaces. Flag potential issues before a problem occurs and maintain proper record of the conditions.