The Koala TS300S Fuse Base Monitor is a compact, robust and highly reliable device, capable of solving a major problem for electric power utilities, allowing to quickly and easily find fault points in the power grid. The detector checks the installation position of the fuse and, through its algorithm and integrated electronic circuits, allows the information to be stored by comparing the current position with the one stored.

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The Fuse Monitoring System, model TS300S Koala and its Supervision System, are intended to support the monitoring and maintenance activities of medium voltage power distribution networks (13.8kV to 34.5kV) and its field installation is performed using a ladder and maneuver stick.  It can be installed without interruption of the power supply.

The system detects cartridge displacement caused by the fuse link rupture, detecting and storing fuse trigger events in the distribution network and informing them in real time to the Distribution Operation Center.  TS300S Koala generated messages are transmitted via the Sigfox 0G Network, stored and handle din a supervisory system and can be made available for viewing on the Tecsys web platform with complete security and reliability.