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  • General

The Sigfox SDR Dongle is a powerful and configurable radio Receiver and transmitter that emulates the Sigfox Network.

It is the easiest way for device and solution makers to speed up development and tests.  It works without any network coverage, and works for all Sigfox Radio Configurations (RC Zones)

The Sigfox SDR Dongle is the hardware platform on which to run the Sigfox Device Test Suite.  This test suite is a comprehensive device developer software tool kit that contains:

  • The Network Emulator: Developed to test end-to-end and bidirectional data transport services between your device and your application.
  • The Radio Signal Analyzer: Developed to test radio compliance with Sigfox Verified certification requirements.

The SDR Dongle Contains:

  • 1 Sigfox SDR Dongle with Sma connector for conducted radio testings
  • 1 SMA/SMA cable
  • 1 Sma/UFL cable
  • 1 attenuator (40 dB