Since its inception in 2000, OleumTech® has deployed approximately 400,000 transmitters worldwide and is recognized as a world leader, providing innovative wireless M2M communications and industrial automation solutions. Based on the foundation and intellectual property from our traditional platform, we have launched a comprehensive Sigfox Ready product portfolio to meet the demands of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Radio Configuration (RC)

Countries adapted for RC2

Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United States

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General Purpose Analog / Discrete Transmitter with 1 Analog Input and 1 Discrete Input

  • Inherently secure and extremely reliable
  • Completely self-contained design for quick and easy deployment in non-hazardous areas
  • Analog input ( 24-bit ADC) – user configurable for 4-20mA or 0-10 Vdc
  • Discrete / Digital input – 0-30 Vdc , dry contact, Open-drain output / NPN devices. Pulse counter ( Up to 2 Khz )
  • 9-30 Vdc line-powered or optional battery. Up to 10 years from a single battery
  • NEMA 4X / IP66 / -40C to 85C