Some predictive maintenance uses enabled by the Sigfox IoT network


Detect overheating or freezing of machinery

Air Quality

Detect air pollution or chemical leaks


Diagnose machine faults


Detect changes in sound made by equipment



Why IoT for Predictive Maintenance?

Ensure operational uptime

A halt in operations could cause a wave of difficulties, from production downtime to expensive replacements and clean-up, all resulting in lost revenue. The information provided by IoT sensors connected to the Sigfox network enables problems to be detected sooner, rather than when it is too late.

Engage in early intervention

The longer problems go without being detected, the greater the impact. By attaching Sigfox enabled IoT sensors to your machinery and systems, you can be alerted at the point you determine is critical to know a failure may be pending. The IoT sensors can be placed in the areas unseen by the eye, catching leaks, faults, outages, high pressure, and more.

Extend machinery life

Poor care of your systems and machinery can cause frequent maintenance and sometimes expensive replacements. IoT sensors connected to the Sigfox networks provide you with the visibility into machinery wear and tear, so you to predict performance degradation and maintenance needs. The improved care from equipment insights can extend machinery life and reduce your capital investment required to replace equipment.