Some operational needs Sigfox IoT network can help support

Remote data collection

Status updates of distributed assets

Remote assets check-ins

Need based servicing

Maintenance alerts

Fleet routing

Employee workflow

Usage insights

Why IoT to Help With Operations?

Create more efficient workflows

Workflows based on schedules can become workflows based on needs with Sigfox enabled IoT sensors. Get status updates so you to strategically route check-ins, decreasing the time spent performing unnecessary inspections.

Be more innovative

Efficient workflows enable you to reallocate time to more strategic tasks. Dedicate your human resources to being innovative and improving your business and operations instead of just keeping it running.

Maximize use of assets

By installing Sigfox enabled IoT sensors on your assets you can track their location and monitor their conditions, so you can strategical maximize their usage.

The full level of shipping containers, usage of conference rooms and open environments, and the capacity of storage facilities are just a few assets that can be monitored to assess opportunities for efficiency.