My Kind of Connected Office

Sigfox office

Connected offices could mean knowing which conference rooms are empty, when the trash is ready to be taken out, or when the plants need to be watered. But what it’s starting to mean for the Sigfox North American Headquarters is having a hub for all the fun we’re having between connecting the digital and physical worlds.

When my coworker set up a connected basketball hoop in our office, I knew it was time revive the connected dart target.

A Connected What?

In June, our setup at Boston TechJam had a connected dart target. For this event, all the tech companies bring interactive displays including some of my personal favorites, corn hole and giant Jenga, for a chance at engaging the crowd. But, as a marketer, I didn’t just want their time at our tent to just be fun. It was important that they actually experienced the capabilities of the Sigfox network.
Sigfox outdoor fun

Experiencing the Network

To create this connected target, we used the Sens’It, a multi-sensor device, set it to vibration, and Velcro’d it to the back of a cardboard butterfly. Using the Losant cloud platform, we programmed each Sens’it to send a unique text message to my phone number indicating a different prize to give away. Now that it’s been installed in the office, we’ve added an “I’ve been shot” tally to the connected office dashboard we keep pulled up on one of our televisions.
Text message thread
The example of a piece of cardboard sending a text message is a great example of the industrial use cases the Sigfox low power, wide area network serves. On a less fun but more practical level, the shock and vibration sensor could send a notification when a package is dropped, if the stability of a building or bridge changes, or when dangerous patterns appear in land conditions.

We’re adding to the use cases we get to experience at the office every day, which reminds us of the creative, unique ways our customers could change their experiences through IoT. We anticipate this addition to our connected dashboard will create some friendly competition between our offices in Dallas, San Francisco, and maybe even France and Singapore. An added bonus for me is that now our network interns are more focused on hitting the target than each other, which I somehow always managed through the middle of… Sigfox win and Morgan win!

Employees having fun