Access Station Micro

provides cost-effective Sigfox coverage where you need it in low to medium device density use cases, indoors and outdoors, for remote locations. Set up is plug-n-play with communications to the Sigfox Backend in minutes.

Coverage … where you need it

Example applications:

  • Small apartment buildings, hotels and hospitals (up to 3 stories) facilities management: housekeeping, room occupancy, room temperature, panic button, etc.
  • Office buildings (every 3 stories) to support smart spaces, conference room occupancy and temperature, etc.
  • Big-box retailers such as Walmart and Costco (up to 0.5 million square feet): package and asset tracking, pallets monitoring, etc.
  • Warehouse indoor – 1 million square feet and open layout: asset tracking, auto parts, pallets, packages, etc.
  • Outdoor open rural areas (up to 3-mile radius) such as: farmland, oil or gas wells and rigs.


At least, two Micros are required at each point for network redundancy.

Actual realized area of coverage will vary, based on building construction, building configuration, installed height of Micro, user devices, and ambient radio noise levels in the 902MHz ISM Band.

Device Count Thresholds

300 ULTRA Plan devices (140 messages/day)

600 PLUS Plan devices (70 messages/day)

21k BASIC Plan devices (2 messages/day)

For more detailed information, product updates and online manuals please check
Sigfox Micro Access Station is intended for small scale Sigfox coverage use cases. For high network traffic and high device density use cases Sigfox Mini Access Station is recommended and is available through Connectivity as a Service.