Diaconia and Sigfox will connect homes for the elderly to the Internet of Things

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Prague – The Diaconia of the Czech Brethren Evangelical Church and the Sigfox technology company have launched a project of smart homes for the elderly in the Czech Republic. Sigfox will gradually introduce IoT-connected sensors in more than 150 devices. They will monitor the quality of the environment, client safety and energy consumption. They stated this in a joint press release. Diakonie tested the system in two homes for the elderly in Eastern Moravia.

Diakonie is the second largest non-state operator of social services in the Czech Republic. He takes care of 21,000 clients. Her team consists of over 2,000 employees and also uses the help of hundreds of volunteers.

“We were looking for innovative solutions that would take our care for the elderly and the need to the next level. Smart technology ensures greater comfort for our clients and at the same time means relief for the staff, because it replaces part of their work. He can then focus more on activities where one is really irreplaceable, “said Diakonia director Jan Soběslavský.

Five different types of smart sensors are installed in smart homes for the elderly. For example, it is a sensor that monitors the air quality in the room. When the concentration of CO2 increases, it signals to the staff that they need to ventilate. The set of sensors also includes a smoke and flood detector, which guards the building against a fire or water accident. In addition to securing the building, smart technology solves the energy of the home for the elderly. An important device that can save human life is the smart emergency SOS button.

The French technology company Sigfox has been operating on the Czech market for more than five years, during which time it has built an infrastructure for a smart Internet of Things network. Currently, over 100,000 devices are connected to it. According to the company, its network is used, for example, by CEZ Group, Direct Insurance Company, Plzeňský Prazdroj, Veolia or the Plzeň Region.