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Sigfox is already available in over 72 countries and regions and aims to cover 100% of the globe in the next few years.

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More Coverage Options



A “DIY” simple and low cost solution for increasing Sigfox 0G coverage where you need it – in low to medium device density use cases, indoors and outdoors, for remote locations.

Setup is plug-n-play with communications to the Sigfox Backend in minutes. A truly flexible, scalable, interoperable and private network coverage solution.

CaaS – Connectivity as a Service

Coverage as a Service gives you all the benefits of the Sigfox global public network and is available for indoor and outdoor deployments, for rural, remote, deep indoor applications, and areas not yet covered by the Sigfox USA 0G network. CaaS is a managed service contract to provide densification of the Sigfox network for a specific customer need, including provision of base stations and support services (installation, configuration, monitoring), available across the US.