Managing assets is very critical for large scale manufacturers to track and trace within their supply chain to save time and money during shipping from within their warehouses or globally. Airbus has thousands of logistic means that travel from suppliers to different Airbus sites. The challenge is getting them to the right place in time, undamaged.


By leveraging the Sigfox IoT network and a cloud-based tracking solution like Sensolus, this can be achieved. Sensolus’ low-power trackers communicate about the location and usage and will send an alert when there are unexpected movements. Sensolus can utilize GPS, Wi-Fi positioning or Bluetooth beacons to track assets with high precision. Bluetooth beacons can be deployed in a warehouse thereby providing indoor positioning of assets within a warehouse. The device and platform also have the capability to retrieve data that was not received by the cloud outside of the Sigfox network.


Airbus can now follow-up on thousands of RTPs (Returnable Transport Packaging) as they transmit through various warehouses and international departments. Furthermore, they successfully implemented the geobeacon solution which extends the reach of Sensolus’ to both indoor and outdoor tracking. By integrating Airbus IoT platform to Sensolus, Airbus increased the efficiency of logistics activities for the whole group. Sensolus is the most mature solution in the market, being both energy-efficient and intelligent.

Sensolus can also be used as a tracking device for assets that are most valuable to you as the device can fit anywhere with a small form factor!


Sensolus provides an end-to-end solution for tracking your assets indoors and outdoors to provide value to your supply chain and monitor your most valuable assets.