Utility companies across the country are looking at how digital transformation can make their operations more efficient, more accurate, and ultimately more profitable. They need the ability to monitor their systems for leak detection, fraud, or other service needs. Manual meter reading is no longer scalable and cannot efficiently address these problems. In many situations, existing meter installations with magnetic pulse output can be upgraded to integrate with a Radio Frequency Module for data transmission.


  • Fraud Monitoring, leak detection, and water demand forecast.
  • Need for operational efficiency through a proactive approach to
    service needs.
  • Quality control of installation, service calls, and consumer


In partnership with the Sigfox 0G Network, Laager evaluates coverage within a service area to determine needs. Sigfox enhances coverage as need by installing base stations. Through Field Services, Laager coordinates the installation of the RF Module, takes photos of the installation and ensures acceptance of a quality install. Once installed Laager collects the data into the Data Management Control Center and can then immediately provide reports on data consumption readings, meter functionality and other key report metrics.


Laager has developed and deployed a full end-to-end solution by integrating their RF Module to existing water, gas, and electrical meters. The Data Management Control Center collects usage data that is used to manage residential and commercial utility services to achieve revenue objectives, drive quality control, and deliver scalable and sustainable management of water, gas, and energy consumption.