A major amusement park with parks located across the U.S. prides itself on maintaining a superlatively clean park environment throughout the hours of operation. To meet these standards, park operators must monitor the trash bins at all facilities within the park – they have close to 5000 trash cans within multiple parks.


The challenge is to find a means to monitor all the bins on a regular interval to provide notification of the fill level. Besides the large number of waste bins, the other challenges were the bins all had metal covers sitting on top of the waste bins and the location of some bins inside the entrance of some attractions and rides.


When KS Technologies developed the distance sensor, they chose to focus on waste bin applications and fine tuned their device to better “see” the waste level. They also designed the device with a high output power (Class 0) to insure sent messages would get through challenging environments. To prevent loss of the sensor, they developed a custom bracket to use to mount inside the lids and covers of waste bins.


The amusement park has deployed and installed KS Technology distance sensors in all their waste bins throughout five different parks. Additional base stations were deployed in order to help densify the coverage within all the parks. This enabled the park to monitor all waste bins as well as enable it to pursue additional IoT applications using Sigfox.


KS Technologies has a level sensor which can be used for many different applications – assorted fluid tank level monitoring, distance sensing, waste bin level monitoring, etc.