Asset tracking is a well understood and mature IoT market. Sigfox “0G” network technology lowers the total cost of ownership (both Capex and Opex) enabling new use cases in the asset tracking markets. The need for a personal safety call button for hotel workers was driven by new regulations in 2018 and 2019 in many states and cities across the US.

The challenge to comply with these new regulations was the requirement to optimally locate staff with high degrees of accuracy within the work setting for places like large hotels, universities or amusement parks.


Amosense multi-radio solutions including the Sigfox network offered a great blend of edge intelligence. For example, Amosense wearable buttons are cognitive and analyze the surrounding WiFi and Bluetooth signals relaying results to a cloud application via Sigfox. The cloud application then processes the data to locate people with a very high precision to generate alerts to the appropriate authorities.


Amosense’s personal safety devices are deployed in dozens of locations at scale and fully achieve the performance of the personal safety button regulation in locations like Chicago and Las Vegas. Hotel executives and staff can now focus on what they do best, while also achieving a compliant and secure work environment. Sigfox addressed the challenge of indoor network geolocation with designs planned and optimized for each unique venue.


Amosense provides multi-radio, low power devices for personal safety notification (wearables) and industrial tracking use cases. Devices combine WIFI, BLE, GPS and NFC with Sigfox to optimize geolocation for campuses, hospitals, hotels and warehouses as well as dense urban environments.