IoT Connectivity as a Service

For areas where the Sigfox national IoT network is not available, both indoor and outdoor, connectivity as a service (CaaS) is a subscription-based IoT network solution that enables you to get connectivity where you need it.

Depending on your use case, volume of device or environment, Sigfox USA has various CaaS installation options ranging from self-install kits, billboards, rooftops, or high-towers.

Coverage to manage your needs

Deep Indoor: factory, mall, warehouse, underground, parking

Remote Outdoor: Remote factory, Campus, Farm, isolated assets

Experience network performance where you want it you decide

Services Included

Monitoring: base station, devices, back-end

Remote Support SLO: Network operating center

All in one coverage solution

Adapted Performance

Wide area coverage: up to 50km radius / base station

1000s of devices managed / base station

Benefits from a wide coverage & an adapted capacity solution

Versatile Equipment

Indoor & Outdoor Configurations

3g/4g, Ethernet, satellite, backhaul options

Can be installed where you need it