Examples of asset monitoring on the Sigfox IoT network

IoT Temperature Sensor

Industrial refrigerators & freezers
Cold chain
Farmland microclimates

IoT Humidity Sensor

Cold Chain
Air Conditioners
Storage facilities

IoT Shock Level Detector

Fault Lines

IoT Occupancy Sensor

Parking Spaces
Conference Rooms

IoT Consumption Monitor


IoT Fill Level Monitor

Trash Bin
Donation Bin
Tanks; bulk, fuel, water, pressurized


Smoke detection

Miscellaneous Monitoring

Stress level in animals
Soil moisture
Water Salinity

Why use IoT to Monitor Assets?

Set threshold alerts

It’s important to know when an asset is in need of servicing or when it may be in a dangerous condition. By attaching Sigfox enabled IoT devices to monitor your assets, you can set alerts based on the parameters you choose and take action when needed.

Conserve use of resources

Get insights into the consumption of natural resources to curb usage issues and reduce waste. For example, instead of watering land by schedule-based irrigation, water by the soil’s needs with soil moisture sensors connected over the Sigfox network.

Streamline operations

Parts of your business that have historically been checked on manually can now provide their own updates. Reduce the risk that comes with waiting on a scheduled check-in and eliminate time wasted. By attaching Sigfox enabled IoT sensors to assets that require regular check-ins, you can get status updates remotely.

Gain Visibility

It is impossible to know what’s going on with all of your assets, operations, and employees at all times without an auditable system in place. Using IoT sensors connected over the Sigfox network, you now have visibility into what’s happening to your assets while in the hands of outside vendors or whether employees arrived at a remote job site.