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Who Really Invented Donut Holes?

Hey there, curious about donut holes? Unveil the surprising answer to "Who Really Invented Donut Holes?"

Who Really Invented Donut Holes?

The Donut Holes' Pioneer

Donut holes are one of the most popular and addictive treats around the globe. But have you ever wondered about the origin of these delicious mouthfuls? Who actually invented this crave-worthy bite-sized snack that has become a breakfast staple? Here's a brief history of the remarkably versatile pastry, with a closer look at the legendary Captain Hanson Gregory.

The Origin of Donuts

Dutch immigrants brought over doughnuts - or oily cakes, as they were known back then - to the United States in the late 19th century. They took place in North America's culinary scene and eventually evolved into sweet treats rather than simply filling breakfast options. By the time the 20th century rolled around, people couldn't get enough of the rings of fried dough that came in diverse and exciting flavors.

The Birth of Donut Holes

The earliest mention of 'doughnut balls' - which are now commonly known as donut holes - was in the book 'Breakfast, Luncheon, and Tea' published in 1917 by a well-known author named Baroness Elizabeth d'Orsay. She mentioned them as an add-on to traditional donuts - tiny fried balls of dough perfect for popping into the mouth.

Credit Given to a Sea Captain

Captain Hanson Gregory was a sailor from Rockport, Maine, and is frequently credited as the inventor of donut holes. His story goes that he was on a ship, eating a donut, when he realized the center of the treat was undercooked and doughy. In frustration, he took out his ship's metal clamp - a round tool used for punching holes in leather or other materials - and pushed it down through the dough. It created a small, neat hole in the center of the pastry, evenly distributing the heat and preventing the donut from being undercooked in the middle.

Some food historians, however, have questioned this tale as there is no evidence supporting Captain Gregory's claim. Doughnut holes themselves were already popular and mentioned in the aforementioned cookbook, first appearing in the 1880s under the name "doughnut nuggets."

In Conclusion

Regardless of who truly invented the iconic treat, doughnut holes are undoubtedly a modern classic. They come in all shapes, sizes and flavors nowadays, from plain and powdered sugar to chocolate and sprinkles. Donut holes have given birth to a whole new category of snack food, inspiring other bite-sized frieds like beignets, churros, and funnel cake fries!

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Controversy Surrounding the Invention of Donut Holes

Donut holes, those delicious round bites of fried dough, are a beloved treat. However, the origins of this snack are unclear, and a few stories claim to hold the truth about how donut holes were invented.

Alternative Claims

One common story is that Captain Hansen of the ship "The Elizabeth" created donut holes in 1847. The tale goes that Hansen found it challenging to steer a hot, sugary donut in a storm. To remedy this issue, he cut out the center of the donut, giving him a more manageable and bite-size snack.

However, this account is not unanimous. Some people dispute Captain Hanson's claim as the inventor of donut holes. Other stories attribute the invention to different people, such as a New York baker named Adolph Levitt. Levitt reportedly developed a machine that could mass-produce donuts and subsequently created donut holes from the donut's cutouts.

No Patent for Donut Holes

Despite the various claims of invention, no one ever patented the idea of donut holes. This is likely because the concept was merely a modification of the original donut. To create donut holes, bakers produce donut batter and remove a portion with a cutter before frying the remaining dough. This cutting technique could apply to any dough, making it challenging to patent the idea.

Donut Holes Today

Donut holes are now a popular dessert on their own. They come in different flavors and are sold by bakeries, coffee shops, and fast-food chains worldwide. Some people even make them at home using simple recipes that call for everyday ingredients.

In conclusion, while the history of the invention of donut holes is debatable, there is no question that they remain a beloved snack to this day. They continue to capture our tastebuds and hearts with their unique texture and irresistible flavor.

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