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2016 Honda CRZ Reviews

2016 Honda CRZ Reviews
Honda has reshaped the face to boost the sales. For a more chiseled and muscular look they present 2016 Honda CRZ. A new octagonal grille takes part inside of a radical front bumper cover. Honda also reshaped the hood to meet the projected grille.

The 2016 Honda CRZ has a hybrid powertrain combining a 1.5-liter SOHC I4 with i-VTEC. It has an electric motor to generate a total of 130 hp at 6000 rpm, but unfortunately for the CVT it’s knocked down to 127 lb-ft. Different driving styles help wrangle all the economy or performance this CR-Z offers: Econ, Normal and Sport are present, not left behind a Sports Plus mode, Although the latter has some strange restrictions, the battery needs to have over 50 percent charge, and another requirement is the need of traveling faster than 19 mph.

2016 Honda CRZ Reviews

The reshaped CR-Z, 2016 Honda CRZ, won't set the world on fire with speed, yet the modest size and performance would make it a practical city car. If Batman needed a sensible hybrid city car, he would strongly consider one of the 2016 Honda CR-Z.

The 2016 Honda CRZ’s interior receives a new touchscreen and heated leather sport-oriented seats in the EX-L. Honda is trying to optimize space inside the CR-Z by placing a storage console right behind the front seats. The standard audio system boasts six-speakers with 160 watts, and a speed sensitive volume control. The optional system is up to 360-watts and an extra speaker added. The navigational system is standard on the new top-trim EX-L, but optional in cheaper trims.

2016 Honda CRZ Reviews

The interior of the 2016 Honda CRZ gets a luxurious dashboard in the EX-L trim. Leather seats, a navigation system, and a 360-watt sound system. The new trim level for the EX-L, provides the driver with a much more luxurious cabin area with standard navigation, additional premium audio, and leather seats.

Inside 2016 Honda CRZ, Honda has added a comfort-focused center console combined with a built-in armrest. It has an electric parking brake and a seven-inch Display Audio touchscreen. This display groups the coupe’s entertainment, connectivity, and navigation functions into a single unit.

Enthusiasts have been shouting for a more powerful version of the CR-Z since this model went on sale for the first time in 2010. For the 2016 Honda CRZ, Honda offers a supercharger kit, but it hasn’t made any mechanical modifications to its base. It is still naturally-aspirated model. This 2,639-pound coupe comes with a gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain made up of a 1.5-liter and four-cylinder engine with a 15-kilowatt electric motor linked to a 144-volt of the lithium-ion battery pack.

2016 Honda CRZ Reviews

The two power sources of 2016 Honda CRZ develop 130 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque when it is ordered with the standard six-speed manual transmission. When selecting the optional continuously variable transmission (CVT) can lower the system’s torque output to only 127 lb.-ft.

The 2016 Honda CRZ is on sale now for across the nation. It has to price ranging from $20,295 for a base six-speed manual gearbox LX model and to $25,090 for a range-topping EX-L version fitted with a CVT.
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