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2010 Mazda 3 Sport Features and Reviews

2010 Mazda 3 Sport Features and Reviews
2010 Mazda 3 sport is the combination of distinctive design, fuel economy, and stunning performance. Mazda 3 sport isn’t the most powerful car, but its existence alone is a jaw-dropping.

2010 Mazda 3 Sport Features and Reviews

Talk about 2010 Mazda 3 sport, you can’t avoid to not talk about its predecessor. Let it alone, if you look back to the very first time its original version is introduced as all eyes fall into that distinctive design and performance. In comparison toward any of its competitors, Mazda 3 takes its lead a step further. Hence, it can’t be helped that when people find some news about the release of 2010 Mazda 3 together with its lineup 2010 Mazda 3 sport and the entry level one, people expect more. Not to say that everything is perfect, but you can say that for any change that is made by its manufacturer, the updated version sounds better.

Indeed, there are some complain about the “happy smile” that resembles a joker smile from its front, but mostly people found that kind of design’s unique. In addition, many people agree that compared to see 2010 Mazda 3 sport in its 2D version, this one looks better when you directly observe the car. Nevertheless, do you consider to buy one? Generally, 2010 Mazda 3 appears in two engines, since it comes in two trim levels. That said, as this part is about Mazda 3 sport, let focus only on Mazda 3 sport model. Back to the engine under the hood, there is a high-performance 2.5L 4-inline that brings 167 horsepower.

2010 Mazda 3 Sport Features and Reviews

The transmission for 2010 Mazda 3 sport comes in six-speed manual or the optional five-speed automatic. Reflecting to the engine that is inserted into the engine room, you know that the power is more powerful compared to its entry level, so then, if you think about buying a good performance compact car, and have such an expectation for speed, this one is one within few compact cars to bear in mind. How does it feel to drive a Mazda 3 sport 2010? For those who test drive the car or the one who already owned the car, they admit that sitting behind its steering wheels is quite enjoyable. In fact, Mazda 3 sport for its 2010 version is not that daunting to handle

Still, about something under the cabin, you may find as well significant change for the inside of 2010 Mazda 3 sport. Curvy design for the dashboard, Bluetooth, screen for the navigation system and many others, this compact car deserves your attention. Similar with its predecessor, Mazda 3 sport, and its sibling the entry level are designed for fuel economy, and yes again if you compare the two, the first generation and the one that is designed for 2010 model, the latter one shows better improvements. In addition, the standard safety features of the car like an anti-brake lock, traction control, few kinds of airbags and so on, bring you peace of mind when driving a car. Then, how about the price? You should understand that Mazda 3 sport is a not cheap option. However, it is something normal for the thing that is offered by Mazda 3 sport. Speak for the price, Mazda 3 for its sports model costs $27,330.


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